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Weekly Compliance Message

Vikor employees may not engage in any activity that perpetrates a fraud upon or connected to the Company, any Patient, Payors, Vendors, suppliers, or any Third Party, or any of which may constitute criminal or unlawful activity. Employees must comply with all applicable Health Care Laws and Laws prohibiting fraudulent, abusive, and other unlawful practices whenever conducting Company business.

All employees and vendors must:
(1) code, bill, and submit Claims for reimbursement that are properly documented and authorized (as applicable) and which meet all of the relevant Third-Party Payor’s coverage, documentation, and any other requirement;
(2) provide and bill for only Medically Necessary Laboratory Services;
(3) retain all documents and destroy documents only in accordance with Company’s Retention Policy or other lawful relevant policy unless directed by a superseding Company directive; and
(4) report potentially criminal, fraudulent, or other illegal activity to the Vikor’s Compliance Officer, through the compliance Hotline and/or with a notice to compliance@vikorscientific.com.

Thank you for your commitment to compliance.